How HealthE Works

With just a few quick questions based on family history and personal life habits, HealthE provides a fast, simple, quantifiable measure of an individual's likely Life Expectancy (LE) and Healthy Life Expectancy (HLE), informing them exactly how they can change their lifestyles to improve both -- and by how much.

  • Engage customers and encourage living longer, healthier lives
  • Promote ongoing contact by providing updated LE and HLE after a lifestyle change
  • Integrate easily into existing platforms and apps or deploy as a stand-alone product

Optimal answers exist for each person based on their age and gender. Anything less than an optimal answer to any of the four risk factors triggers a quantifiable personal health recommendation.

HealthE results indicate how much higher LE and HLE can be raised based on improving specific risk factors.

HealthE Advice - Examples

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