Instead of using a +/- system for identifying mortality multipliers -- an approach that is too generic -- Lapetus has deployed a sorting system that utilizes physician expertise combined with personalized risk assessment.

Our fully automated, digital process enables industry leading turnaround times: 5 days for standard processing, 48 hours for rush, and 8 hours for urgent. All processing times are money back guaranteed.

All reviews are highly personalized to the unique inherited and acquired attributes of the individual.

Non-Clinical Review

  • Summary Adjusted Life Expectancy (SALE) only
  • LE generated from known covariates such as:
    • Age & Gender
    • BMI
    • Education
    • Family Income
    • Marital Status
    • Smoking Status
    • Blood Pressure
    • Fasting Blood Sugar
    • Cholesterol
    • Physical Activity
    • Family History of Longevity
    • Self-reported Health
    • Sleep
    • Age at Menopause (Female)
  • 1 business day turnaround

Clinical Review

  • Includes Non-Clinical Review
  • Full medical history review
  • 5 business days (Standard)
  • 48 hours (Rush)
  • 8 hours (Urgent)

Reconciliation Review

  • Detailed comparison between Lapetus and another LE provider
  • Provides a complete explanation of why the LEs may differ
  • Requires a clinical review
  • 5 business days turnaround

Genetic Panel

  • Includes Non-Clinical Review
  • Evaluates the FOX03 and APOE gene to detect genetic indicators of longevity and Alzheimer's risk
  • 2 weeks from receipt of genetic sample

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The GENERIAN© Leadership Team

We work with highly qualified physicians from across the globe with expertise in a broad range of medical conditions commonly expressed in elderly patients. Teaming them with Lapetus biodemographers leads to the most authoritative understanding of all factors that influence survival and health in humans currently available.

The longevity assessment team at Lapetus is composed of scientists and physicians that serve on the editorial boards of numerous medical, science, and public health journals focused on longevity. We serve as independent reviewers of the latest scientific research on human aging and longevity. Our own research serves, in part, as the basis upon which medicine and public health gauges the influence of diseases, inherited and acquired genetic risk factors, and social/behavioral forces that influence human longevity.

Lapetus is certified as a Life Expectancy Provider by the states of Florida and Texas

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