How BLISS Works

Our breakthrough, under-development, platform is designed to help individuals and families plan, buy, and benefit from the right financial products at the right time, and allow them to track their modeled outcomes.

BLISS (under development) will be the only financial planning tool that combines scientifically proven Life Expectancy (LE) and Healthy Life Expectancy (HLE) results along with other variables never before considered in the planning process. The result is a more holistic way of looking at an individual's current and future financial security within the context of their overall health and wellbeing.

BLISS incorporates Lapetus' revolutionary life event prediction platform to identify individuals who may live exceptionally long lives or be predisposed to a significant period of incapacitation.

The BLISS experience begins by uploading a picture and telling us "who you are".

BLISS uses current age and expected retirement age in addition to LE & HLE estimates to set the time parameters. The following additional inputs are collected to continue the process:

Household Formation
Assets & Liabilities
Risk Profile
Education & Employment
Financial Habits
Lifestyle Preferences

The ultimate goal of BLISS is to encourage and enable each individual's health, wealth, and happiness at every stage of life.

BLISS uses age progression technology to help individuals visualize their future and suggest financial protection products based on their life stages.