, An Engaging New Way to Receive a Life Insurance Quote by Simply Uploading a Selfie

Life Insurance Company Partners with Lapetus Solutions to Launch Innovative Website to Produce a Life Insurance Quote Based on a Selfie Photo. 

FREDERICK, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Legal & General America has launched an easy and engaging way to obtain a life insurance quote: simply submit a photo of yourself, otherwise known as a ‘selfie’, and let technology do the rest. provides a life insurance quote by estimating an individual’s age, gender, and body mass index (BMI) using an individual’s selfie photo. Legal & General America is the first in the life insurance industry to roll out the selfie-quoting technology. This groundbreaking digital experiment, now in beta phase, is made possible through a partnership with Lapetus Solutions, Inc (LSI), the science and technology company that created the new facial analytics technology. Utilizing their platform, Legal & General America is able to analyze a selfie to provide an indicative quote for life insurance. A customer can then provide exact answers, update the amount of desired life insurance, and receive a personalized quote based on accurate information. Customers can then apply for a term life policy online which takes just a few minutes.

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