Dr. S. Jay Olshansky, our Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer, will be one of the featured speakers at Longevity Leaders, the congress for leaders in longevity science, technology, business and finance. It will take place in London, UK on April 21-22, 2020.

Why the Longevity Leaders World Congress?

Around the world our populations are ageing.

By 2050 there will be more people aged 60 or over than aged 10-24 globally. Their global spending power is estimated to be worth up to $17tn USD. Those 60+ year olds are likely to be the primary carers for their 90+ parents.

Our understanding of biological ageing processes is improving and set to dramatically change how we manage the diseases of ageing. Life expectancy improvements are driving a thriving market in bulk annuities and longevity swaps. Wherever you play, ageing is having an impact.

The Longevity Leaders World Congress is the definitive global meeting with the mission of extending human health span, delivering healthy ageing and financial wellness in the context of longevity.

As three-conferences-in-one, it digs deeply into each facet while shared plenary and networking sessions provide opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange.


About Longevity Leaders

Longevity Leaders are a global network of influential leaders from the worlds of ageing science, consumer products, finance, technology and investment. Our events sit at the centre of a global ecosystem, connecting people, knowledge and investment in emerging longevity sectors. Our mission is to advance innovations that will extend human health span and enable financial, physical and mental wellness in later life.

Longevity Leaders is a subsidiary of LSX, an influential community of senior life science decision makers. We connect senior life science executives with access to the capital, intelligence, innovation, and partners they need to grow their businesses. We achieve this through a programme of high-level conferences and networking events, via content that showcases and shares the expertise of investors, senior leaders and industry stakeholders, as well as through bespoke initiatives.


Event Information

Longevity Leaders World Congress 2020
April 21-22, 2020
etc.venues 133 Houndsditch
London, UK

For partnerships contact Terry at terry@longevityleaders.com

For speakers contact Angela at angela@longevityleaders.com

For media contact Paul at paul@lsxleaders.com


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