Our Team

Janet Anderson

Chief Marketing Officer

Janet is responsible for communicating our revolutionary new approach to life event prediction throughout all marketing, branding and business development activities.

As a corporate entrepreneur, Janet spent over 25 years creating and growing businesses for major insurance marketing organizations in Europe, Latin America and North America. Now she uses her extensive industry experience to help us gain awareness, trial and traction with forward-thinking carriers seeking alternatives to traditional underwriting and life event prediction practices to more effectively manage risk.

Janet received her BA from University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and her XMBA from Loyola College. Frequently invited to speak at major national and international industry conferences, events and seminars, she also serves as an evangelist for the global InsureTech revolution. When she isn’t on the road, Janet can be found at home near Baltimore, supporting the city’s sports teams, involved in community events or weather permitting, playing the occasional round of golf.

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