Lingpan instant smart customer service unveiled at PNP Global Insurance Technology Conference

China News Service, March 12th. On March 9, the Plug and Play (PNP) insurance technology team held the “2018 Insurance Technology Global Venture Company Roadshow Conference” in Beijing. As the world’s largest innovation platform from Silicon Valley, PNP is well-known in the international insurance technology field and has more than 60 members of the world’s top insurance companies including USAA, State Farm, Munich Reinsurance Company, and Japan Property Insurance.

This conference is also considered as the starting point for PNP Insurance Technology’s formal entry into the Chinese market. The conference invited close to 10 overseas companies such as BigML, Lapetus Solutions, and Insurdata to share in depth with four Chinese smart companies such as Lingjun and instant chain. From the perspective of the most forward-looking vision, technology solutions, and landing projects, we will discuss and communicate with nearly a hundred large domestic and foreign insurance companies on the scene to discuss the urgently needed innovations in China’s insurance industry.

As a domestic star startup company focused on promotion by the PNP, Lingpan has conducted practical discussions on how insurance technology can intelligently upgrade customer service.

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