LGA launches ‘fun and simple’ SelfieQuote tool

We’re living in the selfie generation. Whether we’re posting a sun-kissed snap from our latest vacation on Facebook or trawling through the Kardashian sisters’ incessant Instagram feeds – we just love selfies.

Tech wizards worldwide have taken note of this trend. The latest Apple phone, the iPhoneX, uses facial recognition technology (aka, a selfie) in its unlocking system, and the tech has also been integrated into some of the latest smart home gadgets.

So how about using selfies in the insurance industry?

Consumer demand for self-service capabilities is no longer a futuristic concept. Insureds want to be in control of their time and money, and the insurance industry needs to level with them. In response to demands for self-service, Legal & General America (LGA) recently launched SelfieQuote in partnership with Lapetus Solutions, Inc., a creator of facial analytics technology.

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