What it is

helps life insurers engage today’s generation of mobile-enabled customers in the online quote, application and purchase process. In seconds, JANUS returns highly accurate Gender, Age and BMI estimates from the analysis of a simple selfie, which can be used by carriers with engagement, approval or product development initiatives.

JANUS was the Greek god of new beginnings and choices, known for having two faces.

Additional LSI Sensory Analytics tools are being developed to detect chronic disease, alcohol use and evidence of a smoking signal.

The JANUS platform will soon have the ability to Age Progress an image. Research has shown that when people picture themselves in the future, they are more inclined to plan for retirement.

More about JANUS

  • Uses LSI’s patented, science-based Sensory Analytics technology
  • Easily integrates into existing processes and systems via API for a seamless customer experience
  • Additional LSI Sensory Analytics and Life Sciences tools can be added to the JANUS platform, providing fully customizable and expandable solutions

The flexibility of the JANUS platform allows carriers the freedom to use it for multiple functions, among them:

  • Customer Engagement
  • Lead Generation
  • Agent Support
  • Group Business


Saves time and money by minimizing:

  • The need for customers to provide additional information
  • The inaccuracy of self-reporting

JANUS is already in trial and changing how a whole new generation of customers thinks about, engages with and purchases life insurance. To find out more about putting the potential of JANUS to work for you and your organization, contact janet@lapetussolutions.com