For Wealth Management, we recommend:

Life Event Planning

Our breakthrough under-development platform considers an individual's health, longevity, and wellbeing in addition to wealth.

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Annuity Planning

RETIRO is the first personalized digital annuity plan that's based on your financial goals, health, and expected longevity.

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Longevity Advice

Our Life Sciences-based platform provides customized advice to help people live longer, healthier lives.

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Customers will have a highly personalized, easy-to-use financial planner that lets them see the impact of key financial decisions before they make them.

"What if: ...I send my kids to private school? ...I move to Arizona? ...I get married?"

Advisors and agents will have a new tool to better understand customers' financial security and retirement planning goals, engage in more meaningful dialogue, then effectively recommend the right products to meet them.

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With HealthE

Customers will answer a few quick questions based on family history and personal life habits such as smoking, physical activity, BMI, and sleep.

HealthE provides a fast, simple, quantifiable measure of changes to personal life habits and how much those changes may improve Life Expectancy (LE) and Healthy Life Expectancy (HLE).

Customers can also opt to upload their wearable device data and have it taken into account when receiving their personalized HealthE advice.

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Customers will answer a few simple questions and submit a recent photo for age, gender, and BMI estimates. RETIRO will calculate their their longevity estimate and find the best annuity options plan for them.

Designed to capture all critical information about the insured and have it travel with the policy, RETIRO allows for better management of payouts and timing with smoother correlated payments and cash flows.

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