What is HealthE?

A customizable, intelligent content platform that provides personalized, science-based advice that can help extend an individual’s Life Expectancy (LE) and Healthy Life Expectancy (HLE).

How HealthE works

  • With just a few quick questions based on family history and personal life habits, HealthE provides a fast, simple, quantifiable measure of an individual’s likely Life Expectancy (LE) and Healthy Life Expectancy (HLE), informing them exactly how they can change their lifestyles to improve both—and by how much.

There are 4 modifiable risk factors:

  • Optimal answers exist for each person based on their age and gender
  • Anything less than an optimal answer to any of the four risk factors triggers a quantified personal health recommendation

HealthE results indicate how much higher LE and HLE can be raised based on modifying from one to four existing risk factors.

HealthE Advice - Examples

More About HealthE

- Engages customers and supports them in living longer, healthier lives 
Promotes ongoing contact by providing updated LE and HLE data based on lifestyle changes 
- Easily integrates into existing system(s) or works as a standalone platform