GENERIAN© for the Life Settlement Industry


As demand for Life Settlements grows, so does the need for faster, highly accurate Life Expectancy reports*#.

By combining the expertise of independent geriatrician/physicians with that of Lapetus’ scientists and the speed of our CHRONOS technology, GENERIAN© provides a better way for Life Expectancy providers to get the critical information they need in record time.

The GENERIAN© Leadership Team

Dr. Bradley J. Willcox

Chief Medical Officer & Biodemography Expert

  • Professor and Director of Research at the Department of Geriatric Medicine, John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawai‘i Mānoa
  • Trained in Medicine at the University of Toronto, Internal Medicine at the Mayo Clinic, and Geriatric Medicine at Harvard Medical School
  • Physician co-Leader of the Long Term Care Hospitalist Service at The Queen's Medical Center, where he runs an inpatient service and helps mentor internal medicine trainees and other health professionals
  • Principal Investigator of the National Institute on Aging-funded Hawaii LIFESPAN and HEALTHSPAN Studies
  • Honolulu Heart Program researcher at Kuakini Medical Center
  • Co-Principal Investigator of the Okinawa Centenarian
  • Researcher at the Pacific Health Research and Education Institute of the VA Pacific Islands Health Care System in Honolulu.
  • The entire medical review team at Lapetus is currently composed of physician/geriatricians with expertise much like that of Dr. Willcox; although each physician brings a unique expertise associated with specific primary impairments

S. Jay Olshansky, Ph.D.

Lapetus Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

  • Internationally recognized expert on human aging and longevity
  • Advisor on mortality forecasting to the U.S.Social Security Administration, Statistics Canada, World Health Organization, United Nations, governments of Switzerland and the U.K., JPMorgan Pension Advisory Group, Prudential, AIG, SwissRe, MunichRe, etc.
  • Keynote or invited speaker at dozens of actuarial, life insurance, and reinsurance conferences across the globe (ongoing)
  • The only scientist to speak twice at the Insurance CEO Roundtable run by McKinsey
  • Co-invented the scientific field of biodemography in 1992 with Dr. Bruce Carnes
  • Accurately predicted in 1990 in a lead article in Science that the rise in life expectancy for humanity would decelerate across the globe
  • Accurately predicted in 2005 in an article in the NEJM that rising obesity in children would soon lead to rising CVD and stroke deaths among the young and middle aged in the U.S.
  • Developed with the biodemography team a “Three-dimensional forecasting model” designed to predict mortality and health based on national vital statistics and survey data; applied this model to accurately predict rising CVD deaths in the U.S.

The GENERIAN© Longevity Panel

Focusing on the future.

A compilation of all of the major genes in humans that have been verified by scientists to influence how long we live, the GENERIAN© Longevity Panel represents the most scientifically advanced set of genetic markers for assessing genetic factors that influence duration of life.

There are four parts of the GENERIAN© Longevity Panel Results:

  • Overall genetic predisposition for longevity, presented in additional or fewer expected years of life independent of all other inherited or acquired traits
  • Presence of the FOXO3 gene associated with exceptional longevity and the implications of an individual’s risk of experiencing certain diseases
  • Presence of the APOE e4 or e2 genes, or variations of this gene, associated with a higher or lower risk of late-onset Alzheimer’s disease
  • The statistical probability of reaching ages 90-100 based on the results of the entire longevity gene panel relative to the general population

This optional process requires two weeks following the submission of a saliva sample, which is collected through a kit that is mailed to the insured individual or made available on the spot by brokers.

Additional benefits of working with GENERIAN©


On-call physicians

By working with geriatric physicians around the globe, reviews can take place during a 24 hour period rather than an 8 hour work period in North America.


A GENERIAN© Life Expectancy report is competitive with the current market

Fraud detection

The reviewing physician compares the listed Rx data with the primary impairments in the medical record. If anomalies are discovered, the client is informed in the final report

Patient sorting

Instead of using a +/- system for identifying mortality multipliers (Lapetus scientists consider this approach too generic); Lapetus has deployed a sorting system that utilizes physician expertise combined with personalized risk assessment.

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Lapetus Solutions Inc. is certified as a Life Expectancy provider by the State of Florida
# Prediction accuracy exceeds the standards for accuracy set by the State of Florida.