Digital Health Insights – Intelligentsia

I’m back from Intelligent Health! Some cool projects/companies I saw:

  • A company that looks at facial features to guess life expectancy and lifestyle choices that might contribute to changes in that number. Life insurers like this for obvious reasons.
  • A company that uses a wearable + physiological/speech data to detect if people are engaged in your conversation and gives social coaching nudges on cues to pick up on.
  • A project that develops solutions for tumor sample collection INSIDE an MRI by using almost entirely plastic parts and pneumatics.

Watch me ship, watch me pay pay

You know what’s fun? Giving a talk about tech giants in healthcare and then finding out at midnight the night before that Apple dropped the bombshell that the Apple Watch Series 4 will include fall detection and an FDA-cleared ECG sensor. This continues the spree of companies going after the “tech tools to monitor the elderly” market with Best Buy acquiring GreatCall and both Amazon and Google exploring using their smart home hubs to monitor the elderly.

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