See how we've transformed a complicated, invasive and time consuming process into a fast, easy-to-operate solution.

While traditional underwriting can take up to a month, CHRONOS delivers more accurate results in seconds

Combining facial analytics, biodemographic information and dynamic questioning, CHRONOS returns precise and reliable scores.

From prospect to policyholder in under 10 minutes

The CHRONOS underwriting process is fast, straightforward and engaging

  • Upload a selfie

  • Answer 9 simple questions

  • CHRONOS does the rest

This demonstration simulates the insurance purchase process with a fictitious product and pricing. It does not imply a purchase of any kind. The information collected will not be retained or shared with any third parties.

Contact us to try the demo and learn more about the underwriting process using CHRONOS, and the science behind it.  You’ll find out how to save both time and money while providing faster, smoother customer experiences.

Working with CHRONOS

CHRONOS has been designed as a modular platform that can be easily integrated into existing underwriting practices and protocols or stand on its own. Our IT team customizes CHRONOS to the specific requirements of each insurer and then works to ensure a smooth and effective integration process.


Our business model and modular design means that insurers can choose to use all or part of the power of CHRONOS, according to their individual needs.



We recommend a 3-phase process over a 6-month period

Define Proof of Concept (POC)

- Tools to be tested
- Customer segments


- IT connectivity
- Run POC
- Results and Assessment

Moving Forward

- Determine tools to be utilized
- Licensing agreement
- Define IT requirements and required resources


Here are answers to the questions we are most frequently asked about CHRONOS. If you have another question or want to learn more, please feel free to Contact us

We currently use a photo to validate self reported BMI,Gender and evidence of Smoking.  We are also able to provide an estimated age from the photo.  We do not use a photo to calculate life expectancy.

Biodemography is a key element in our Life Sciences tool set. Biodemography studies have identified different covariates that indicated propensity of longevity in populations. This information is captured using specific questions. Sensory Analytics allows us to utilize various senses to assess risk. Currently, we are utilizing Facial Analytics which assesses an image of a person to detect various elements.

Our patented tools have been built on years of studying 100’s of points of the face and 1,000’s of regions. Utilizing machine learning techniques, we are able to build and test algorithms that can tell us various items about an individual.

Using decades of research, scientific literature and multiple public health studies, we have identified multiple covariates and their appropriate weighting to allow us to calculate an estimated LE and HLE based on population data.

Each tool we build goes through a vigorous testing process to ensure the outputs are maintaining validation consistency once it moves out of a lab environment.

Each tool allows us to provide specific outputs about the consumer that can be shared with the carrier. These out puts include LE/HLE numbers, information on current levels of physical activity, and algorithmic outputs from the photo that is assessed.