Lapetus Solutions Inc. (LSI) integrates science and technology with machine learning to develop tools and platforms that enable industries relying on life event prediction to reduce and replace their dependence on traditional assessment methods with faster, more cost-effective and increasingly accurate results.

Lapetus exists to provide technology for individuals and families to better plan for today and the future.

Our Mission

Billions of people around the globe are uninsured and not prepared for their Generian years. The problem cannot be solved by expensive, time consuming products and invasive testing.

Our digital solutions provide the option for quick, non-invasive evaluations and underwriting at a low cost—enabling our clients to expand individual’s access to insurance and exceed customer expectations.

Global Team

We value our team members that bring diverse background and skillsets to Lapetus. Led by the best scientists in the fields of aging and facial analytics, we work together remotely and globally to reach our goals.

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Our Name & Logo

Lapetus was the Greek god of mortality. Our first platform, Chronos, is named after his brother, the Greek god of time.

The panels represent the three phases of life according to evolution biology: childhood, adulthood, and old-age, through which a mortality curve runs, reflecting the fundamental linkage between biology and duration of life that is the foundation of Lapetus biodemographic thinking and methods.

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