Lapetus Solutions, Inc. (LSI) is a science and technology growth company dedicated to creating products and services that will revolutionize the prediction of life events. By combining Facial Analytics, Biodemography and Dynamic Questioning, then harnessing the power of cloud computing, LSI’s scientific approach delivers faster, more accurate results in real time.

Industries that currently depend on traditional life event prediction methods will find that by working with LSI, they can save time, money and increase profitability.

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Our scientific team is composed of experts in the fields of Health, Aging, Facial Analytics, and Data Science. Working together and drawing from the data of over 10,000 global experts, they leverage cloud computing to create revolutionary new ways to more accurately predict life events, including mortality, morbidity and healthy lifespan. This complex knowledge is then distilled into simple, easy-to-operate solutions that instantly deliver the most accurate results available.


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Lapetus was the Greek god of mortality.  Our first product, Chronos,
is named after his brother, the Greek god of time.


The panels represent the three phases of life according to evolution biology: childhood, adulthood and old-age, through which a mortality curve runs, reflecting the fundamental linkage between biology and duration of life that is at the foundation of Lapetus biodemographic thinking and methods.


Facial Analytics is a key component in LSI’s scientific approach. Unlike facial recognition, which is simply mechanisms of identification, it is an emerging, technology-based science that uses a digital image to examine an individual’s facial features to determine never before developed analysis that is indicative of longevity and health.

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Facial Analytics at Lapetus.

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Working with Facial Analytics enables certain demographic information to be determined. Signs of smoking and physiological aging can be detected and body mass index can be accurately estimated for all body types; thereby providing far more information about the physiology and health status than the traditional BMI formula.

LSI applies Facial Analytics together with Biodemography and Dynamic Questioning when calculating lifespan and healthspan estimates.


Integrating biological knowledge with demographic research on human longevity,
biodemography is at the scientific core of Lapetus.

Through the compilation, distillation and analysis of complex and constantly evolving data from thousands of researchers, our scientists generate algorithms linking specific questions to mortality risk and survival prospects.

All of the following are taken into account in biodemographics: anthropology, ecology, embryology, epidemiology, evolutionary biology, genetics, molecular biology, pathology and population genetics.

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Biodemographic principles of forecasting mortality and health have been adopted by the U.S. Social Security Administration as well as numerous other countries and organizations as a way to update, enhance, and improve their forecasting methods and assumptions.


Lapetus scientists have proven that by asking questions based on aging science and tailoring them to the
respondent, we generate the most accurate survival and healthy lifespan estimates obtainable.

For years, traditional methods of predicting life events have relied on asking the same types of questions.  The Lapetus platform uses a range of highly predictive and variable questions that change dynamically based on initial responses, providing results that are unique to each individual.

Dynamic questioning enables us to identify people who are likely to live exceptionally long lives, even in the face of potentially harmful behavioral risk factors.

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Years of education completed by age 25?

This question alone is a prediction trump card because of its ability to serve as a proxy for so many other attributes of an individual that influence duration of life.


The lifespan and healthspan 'intelligent scores' generated by LSI can be used for more effective management and
transfer of risk, both now and in the future.  Whether pricing for risk or changing risk profiles, our scores will bring more
accuracy and information
to the process.

Risk Analytics with CHRONOS

CHRONOS' lifespan score provides a relative measure of risk and can be used as a segmentation variable for underwriting, as well as to help assign customers to specific risk profiles.

Health care industries and health insurers can use the healthspan scores generated by CHRONOS to assess risk and determine pricing on both an individual and group basis.
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